Mule deer buck skylined

Ranches & Pricing

**Pricing is subject to change without notice**

Rifle only: $8,750 - 2x1

This is one of our premier mule deer destination. The ranch contains 70,000 deeded acres in southeast Montana. The terrain vareis from mountainous to broken foothill regions. Ponderosa Pine and native grassland make up the bulk of the vegatative community.

A strong brush community in the draws and dry land alfalfa make for excellent mule deer forage and habitat. This is a very scenic ranch. The trophy bucks will score between 160-185+ gross Boone and Crockett points. We have taken mule deer that score over 200. It's not uncommon to see 10-15 bucks per day.

  • Antelope Trophy Fee: $1,000

Rifle only: $7,950 - 2x1

This 51,000 acre ranch located just outside Roundup, MT. The hunting will be done from a vehicle with one guide for two hunters. This is a spot and stalk hunt. Some of the time your guide will put one hunter on a stand and spot and stalk with the other. You will be within cell/radio contact with the guide in case you harvest or need to return to camp. This is big, open country with lot of farm ground. A lot of the animals bed right out in the open. Average buck will score 150-180 B&C. This hunt requires a special draw permit.

Rifle only: $6,500 - 2x1 - Cook on your own

This 38,000 acre ranch is located approximately 20 minutes east of Miles City, MT. Hunters will stay in town and drive to the ranch each day. Most of the hunting will be done from a vehicle with the option of going on short stalks. A lot of time will be spent covering ground and glassing from high points. There will be one guide for two hunters. This is big, open country with large coulees, broken up draws and scattered pockets of timber. Average buck will score 160-180 B&C.

Rifle only: $6,500- 2x1

This property contains 23,000 deeded acres and spans two counties. Topography is varied from arid foothill regions to rock cliffs on the south facing slopes. Generally, the property gains in elevation toward the east with the highest point at 7,655 feet. This is a very rugged piece of property. Hunters can anticipate harvesting bucks from 160-180 B&C. There are 1-2 hunters per week in camp. Hunters stay in a very nicely appointed 2 bedroom, 2 bath lodge. All meals and 1x1 guide service included.

Rifle only: $5,950 - 2x1- Lodging and meals provided

This 10,500 acre ranch is located outside of Richie, MT. The ranch is typified by rough Cedar breaks. This is a physically demanding hunt. Hunters must be able to hike in order to get to deer. All hunting is done via spot and stalk method. Average mule deer will score 160-180 B&C and the average whitetail will score 130-160 B&C. Hunters stay in a rustic 2 bed, 1 bath farmhouse.

Rifle only: $5,950 - 2x1 - Lodigng and meals provided

This ranch is amazingly beautiful 8,000 acre ranch is located just outside of Grassrange, MT. Deer hunting is conducted via spot and stalk. The terrain on the ranch varies from rolling hills and coulees to mountains. The ranch is easily accessible with the ability to drive to most wallows. The average whitetail will score 130-150 B&C with mule deer averaging 160-180 B&C..

Lodging is provided via “glamping” style.