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Flying D Ranch Bison Hunts

Available bison vary from year to year and all hunts are sold on a first come/first serve basis.

2015 Season Prices

*Prices subject to change for 2016 season

Trophy Bull Bison - $5,900

A one day hunt on the 113,000 acre Flying D Ranch includes a trophy bull of hunter's choice, in-field transportation, lunch, and in-field processing. We will also deliver the bison to a local meat processor and head to a local taxidermist. Hunter gets head, hide, and meat. Most trophies will score 65-75 SCI points. Hunts to be scheduled July, August and October 1-15.

We do not recommend archery hunting for the trophy bulls. After 20 years of hunting them, kills with a bow and arrow are 2 in 10.

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