Bison grazing in green grass

2017 Pricing

The Flying D Ranch

Rifle only*: $6,250 - 1x1

The very scenic Flying D Ranch supports a bison herd of approximately 2,300 adult animals. These bison are minimally handled and are as close to wild bison as can be. We hunt the pre-rut and the rut of the bison. This is an incredible opportunity to witness vast herd of bison in natural habitat during the breeding season. Bison make a unique grunting and roaring sound that you’ll remember forever, especially if you get a chance to witness a fight!

Beards and hair are the longest during this time period and make incredible shoulder mounts. Mature bulls will weigh up to 2,500 lbs yielding 700+ lbs of meat.

A one day hunt on the 113,000 acre Flying D Ranch includes a trophy bull of hunter's choice, in-field transportation, lunch, and in-field processing. We will also deliver the bison to a local meat processor and the head to a local taxidermist. Hunter gets the head, hide, and meat. Most trophies will score 65-75 SCI points. Hunts to be scheduled July, August and October 1-15.

* We don't recommend archery hunting for trophy bulls. In 20 years of bison hunts, kills with a bow and arrow are only 2 in 1.