Bull Bison and Cow

2021 Pricing

**Future pricing is subject to change**
**Though we don't anticipate a price change, hunters booking future hunts may encounter a price change**

The Flying D Ranch

Rifle only*: $7,500 - 1x1

A one day hunt on the 113,000 acre Flying D Ranch includes a trophy bull of hunter's choice, in-field transportation, lunch, and in-field processing. We will also deliver the bison to a local meat processor and the head to a local taxidermist. Hunter gets the head, hide, and meat. Most trophies will score 65-75 SCI points. The evening before the scheduled hunt, hunters are treated to a ranch tour and an opportunity to locate and view the bison herd for the following days hunt. Hunts are conducted during July and August.

* Archery hunting for trophy bull bison is not allowed *