May 2020

When It's Time, It's Time!

Sometimes mother nature can choose the worst possible time to come calling. We've all been in a situation when the calling couldn't have come at a worse time. If you've spent much time in the woods hunting, you've had your share of those urges that couldn't have come at a more horrible time. This month we look back at a hunt from 2014 that involved a big bull, that sudden urge, and then everything worked out perfectly!

As a little background on this hunt and bull we had been chasing, we have to go back to 2013 when we first laid eyes on this big bull. We figured he would score in the low to mid 370's and was a real brute. We hunted him hard in 2013 with no luck tagging him. His sheds were found that following spring, so we relished in the fact that he was still around.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014 and the first week of archery hunting and he was spotted in the middle of the first week. Of course this got everyone excited and ready to spend the season pursuiting him. He had changed slightly, but we figured he was still a low 370's bull. For the next 10 days, which meant into the second hunt, we stayed on this bull and tried to get him in the right place to be able to get him.

It was the last full day of the second hunt, about mid day, and our guide and hunter finally got this bull in a spot to make a move on him. They had to hustle up a hill and get into some timber that the elk travelled to the bedding area. They got there about the same time as the elk were moving through the area and the guide dropped back to attempt to call the bull by the hunter.

Suddenly, mother nature rang the guides doorbell about six or seven cow calls into the set up! The guide now had a dilemma on his hands, answer the call or keep calling! Mother Nature REALLY wanted him to answer, so our guide had to drop a bit further back and take the call. It was a risky move and he knew the opportunity could be lost, but the other option was just as risky.

After answering the call and joining back up with the hunter, the hunter asked why he had quit calling for a spell there and let the elk move further off toward the bedding area. Our guide politely explained the situation and how it may have played out if he hadn't done what he had done. When it's time, it's time!

As the two got back on the trail of the elk, they soon realized that more elk had joined the group they had been following. This meant more bulls had come into the area and this had really stirred the nest as the elk were congregating in one small area on the mountain. Things started to really heat up as the hunters got closer to the herd. Soon they could hear bulls screaming at each other and fights breaking out, as that big bull defended his ladies. This gave the guys the perfect chance to get in close and in position.

With all the commotion of the fighting and bugling, the herd was in disarray. The hunters had cows and bulls coming and going in front of them as the big bull tried to keep everything under control. Our guide had again put the hunter in a spot so that he could draw the bull in front of him with some sweet cow calls.

Just after he began calling a cow and calf came trotting out into the clearing, looking to join the cow they were hearing and get away from the chaos. Right behind them came a nice bull, 330's, but not the bull the hunters had been chasing. Suddenly, from behind this new bull, came the low and growly bugle of the big bull! The hunters then knew that the big bull was coming out to run off the other bull and gather his cows that were leaving him. Seconds later, our hunter and guide were high fiving each other after the plan had worked out and the hunter had a put an arrow through the big bull.

As the two sat on the mountain and reflected on all that had happened, they realized one thing about this hunt. Both concluded that mother nature's call had ultimately sealed this hunt for them. Had it not been for her call at that exact moment, when they started pursuiting these elk, the timing of the whole thing would have been way off. The two would have gotten in front of the other elk that joined the herd. Thus all the chaos that gave them the chance to get into position, would have never happened. If football is a game of inches, then this hunt was a game of seconds!

So next time mother nature comes calling at an awkward time, stop for a moment and remember that it may not be too bad of timing! When it's time, it's time!

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