December 2018

Get it while it's fresh!

Chances are you have just wrapped up your hunting season and have began to put all of your gear away. At some point during the season or a particular hunt, you thought of or saw something that you thought would be handy to have. Usually it's a gadget you saw someone using or a piece of clothing someone had or mentioned, and you thought you'd like to have one. Well, in all reality, now is the best time to get those items added to your gear list.

Being that it's the holiday season and gift giving is right around the corner, it's a great time to ask for those items while they are still fresh on your mind. People are always asking what you'd like for Christmas, so now's the time to let them know. If you're going to get a gift, it may as well be something that you know you'll use.

Since we're in the holiday season, it's also a great time to find some of those items on sale or part of some sort of sales promotion. Sweetens the pot even more, to head out or go online and see what you can find for deals on that item you wanted to add for your next hunt.

Most of you will wait until sometime this summer or right before the next hunt, to try and get that item you wanted to have for next year. Well often times, you forget what it was that you wanted if you wait this long to get it. On your next hunt, you quickly remember what it was that you wanted to get and have with you.

While it's still fresh on your mind and you remember the model or style of what you wanted, now is the time to purchase. Getting it now and having it for next season, will only make you more prepared and ready for the next hunt.

Let Montana Hunting Company help you with your Sitka items that you decided you needed to have for next time. Our extensive knowledge has come from years of purchasing and using Sitka ourselves. We aren't reading about Sitka Gear on a website and recommending it, we are actually using it and figuring out what works for what situation. We've used Sitka Gear all over the world and in all sorts of conditions. We feel that Sitka Gear is the best out there and we've come to that conclusion through years of wearing and using it.

If Sitka Gear is one of those things you wanted to add to your gear list, then Montana Hunting Company is here to help you. MHC will help you pick the right gear and as an authorized dealer, can get you hooked up with the right Sitka items. Please call our office or click the button below and fill out the online form for more information on what Sitka Gear will work for you.


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