• SnowMuleBuck
  • Flying D Bull
  • LoneBison
  • Whitetail along Ruby River
  • WTBuck
  • AntelopeBuck
  • Bull Bugling
  • Bull Elk
  • Bachelor Bucks
  • CloseUpBison
  • Antelope Sunset
  • Bison Herd

Professional Big Game Hunts

Montana Hunting Company specializes in fair chase trophy hunting of Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer and Antelope. We strictly adhere to the North American Model of Wildlife Management.

Bison hunts are conducted on enormous expanses of private ranches and are as fair chase as possible.

Montana Hunting Company currently outfits on 16 different ranches throughout Montana.

Our over-arching management goal is to help each ranch achieve its potential in game management, be it diversity of game animals, size of males or optimum sex and age ratios. We do this by keeping harvest records that include cementum analysis of age, Boone and Crockett scores and phenotypical data. In some instances, we also collect fall age and sex data along with winter population data. All of this information is analyzed annually to determine harvest strategies for the coming season. We believe that animals should be mature when they are hunted and harvested, regardless of Boone & Crockett scores.